Amendment 3 is Bad for Missouri...

Why Amendment 3 is Bad for Missouri...

Highest tax of all 3 medical marijuana ballot measures

Amendment 3 taxes patients seeking medical cannabis at the highest level. 7.5x higher than Proposition C and 3.75x higher than Amendment 2. Burdens patients with extremely high costs.

Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Propsition C
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Abuses eminent domain laws

Amendment 3 directly threatens private property owners by abusing eminent domain laws for this dubious research campus.

Language from Section 6:

“The Land Acquisition Board may use any and all legal means to acquire and purchase such property for the campus.”

Centralizes power to personal injury lawyer Dr. Brad Bradshaw

Bradshaw would have the ability to select the ‘board members’ without approval from the Senate, paying each of them over $180k. This ‘research board’ would have the ability to renew, regulate, restrict, and revoke licenses. Creating another bureaucracy at the sole discretion of one person sets a terrible precedent in our state.

football field

Research facility up to 36 miles long?!

The Amendment states that:

“thirty six contiguous miles being the maximum that could be purchased for campus development, determined by the Land Acquisition Board (which doesn’t exist)”

This equals over 23,000 acres which is 600x larger than Arrowhead Stadium, 18x the size of Forest Park, and half the size of Lake of the Ozarks.

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